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Below is a list of all zoids and zoids related stuff I’m currently looking for.

If you stumble upon something, be sure to let me know :)



-Liger Zero KF, with Jager, Schneider, and Panzer CAS

-Berserk Fury KF

---------------Most Wanted:    WHALE KING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CP-22 Dual Sniper Rifle

CP-23 5-Shot Missile Pod

CP-27 Sturm (Storm) Unit


Any Zoids & zoids stuff you want to get rid of but want to go to a collector who will take care of them

WILD LIGER  !!!!!!!!!!

Any info on where I could find a wild liger statue would be greatly appreciated!!!

That’s my favorite zoid, but I just can’t find it!!!

I found these pictures in my zoids pic file, but don’t have a clue where I found’em. anyway, they’re copyright of whoever took’em

rare wild liger figurine, any info appreciated
rare wild liger zoids figurine, any info appreciated